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We’ve got your back in the good times and the bad. As a member of Finansförbundet, you can maintain control of your career and develop througout your working life. We believe in the ability of the individual and the power of community and we work for industry-specific CBA solutions.

This page is for you as a member in Finansförbundet. Here we will keep you posted on the latest news and you can also find information about our central CBA and more.

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The new CBA entered into force on 1 January 2024
We have had good discussions with Klarna regarding the implementation of the CBA. The CBA applies to our members in full, with these implementation rules:

  • BTP1 pension plan entered into force for current employees on February 1st. We strongly recommend that you do not chose to stay in the earlier pension plan, as BTP1 is more favorable.
  • Parental pay applies according to the CBA for parental leave that starts after January 1st. Klarna’s earlier parental pay rules apply for parental leave that has begun before January 1st.
  • On call renumeration. Klarna’s current model applies until further notice. Discussions between Klarna and Finansförbundet about the model will be held during the spring.

A local union is formed 
Finansförbundet's CBA is based on strong local organisations where elected representatives and members can be involved and influence their everyday lives. A local union is now formed and have started their work.

Member's meetings and newsletters
Invitations to member's meetings as well as news letters will keep on coming. Please check your email!


  • The meeting will take place digitally via Teams in English.
  • The nominating committee (Alexander Canizarés Dahlström and Viktor Källqvist from Finansförbundet) will create a proposal for the committee based on your nominations. The proposal will be presented with the formal invitation to the meeting, which you will receive 31th of January.
  • The official nomination stop for the committee is th 7th of Febuary, but please send your nominess before the 31th of january
  • To be entitled to vote at the meeting, you need to be a member of Finansförbundet.
  • All elections is held via the web tool VoteIt (you will recive more information about the tool before the meeting).

In general CBAs provide predetermined conditions and common rules for how they are negotiated. Employers cannot, therefore, decide to change the conditions unilaterally. 

A collective agreement is advantageous in many ways, not least in your wallet. Working in a company with a collective agreement can increase your income by as much as SEK 80,000 per year.

Finansförbundet's CBA with BAO, the Swedish banking employers' association, is specifically designed for the financial industry. Due to this, it has a number of unique advantages:

  • The possibility to sign local workplace agreements regarding, for example, salary and working conditions.
  • A restructuring agreement that helps you in the event of company reorganizations or unemployment.
  • An occupational pension is paid from the first day of employment - also for those under 25.
  • You have a say about your own schedule - an employer can’t change your working hours without consulting you.
  • Your salary is protected in the event of a company reorganization.
  • You have the right to a salary review - and can appeal the result of salary revisions.

There are differences in the agre­e­ments in areas like dura­tion, scope, skill deve­lop­ment and sala­ries.

You can find the full comparison here: 

We compare CBAs

You can find three parts of the central CBA between Finansförbundet and BAO, the Swedish banking employers’ association in English here. Please observe that some of the local workplace agreements between Finansförbundet and Klarna are under discussion right now. 

Collective agreement concerning salary and general terms and conditions of employment, pdf

Pension agreement between BAO and Finansförbundet, pdf

Agreement on competence development, pdf

Read more about our CBA

That is up to Klarna. Some companies chose to apply the SACO-agreement for employees who are not a member in any union since the Finansförbundet-agreement is more favourable for the employees. 

If you have been a member of another trade union, the time spent in the previous union is credited if there is an unbroken time chain between memberships. That is, when there isn't a gap between the memberships. You must also, as previously, be a member of a Swedish unemployment fund.

Your assignment is at the core of what we do. As a representative of our members, you can make a real difference in the workplace. At the same time, you have the chance to learn about labor relations, make contacts and work on issues close to your heart.

How the work is organized and who does what is decided by our union representatives. There is usually one liaison officer per office or department that is led and coordinated by a local union committee.

Getting started

1. Register your position

Inform your employer that you’ve become a union representative. In accordance with Swedish union legislation, you can carry out union business during your working hours.

If you have a local union committee, its president must register you with our central office. If not, register directly with us.

2. Take part in our training

Through introductions and courses, you will learn the skills you need to carry out your role. The basic training course introduces you to the work our representatives carry out.

Currently, our basic training is only conducted in Swedish. But contact us to see what can be done.

3. Inform your colleagues

Tell your co-workers that you’ve become a union representative. Encourage them to contact you and ask them what expectations they have.

4. Inform your boss

You have the right to carry out your union duties during paid working hours. Plan how much time you’ll need and discuss with your boss reducing your other duties.

Get your local union committee or Member Services to help you.

5. Get in touch with other elected officials

Get in touch with your local union committee and other representatives to find out which tasks you’re expected to carry out and what powers you have. If you are also elected as a work environment representative, you will support all employees in these matters.

6. Make Finansförbundet and your work visible

Remember, you have an important role in serving our members and facilitating communication in the workplace.

Local union annual meetings are one of the most important democratic tools in our organization, where local committees report on the past year and a new committee is elected. The goal is to allow as many members as possible to participate and for the meeting to be held in accordance with the statutes.

Local union committees are responsible for ensuring that the annual meeting takes place in accordance with our core values and statutes.

Forming a new local union you will allways have the support you need from Finansförbundet.

If you want to switch to Finansförbundet, you must contact your current trade union and make a request to leave. It’s important that there is no gap between membership of your former union and the new one. You will also need to inform a-kassan (the Swedish unemployment fund) of this change.

  • Contact your current union and request to leave in writing.
  • Ask them what the procedure is for transferring to another union.
  • Complete the application for membership of Finansförbundet. In the form, you can state on which date you want to become a member, the change always made at the end of a month.

Member of Unionen?

Remain a member of Unionen until January 31st 2024. Apply to join Finansförbundet on January 1st, 2024. You will not pay double union membership fees. When you apply to join Finansförbundet in the application form at finansforbundet.se you can request helo from us to manage your withdrawal from Unionen.

Apply for membership of Finansförbundet

Remember to also inform a-kassan

Withdrawal from a-kassan must be made in writing.

Apply for membership of the financial and insurance industry's a-kassa fund

If you choose to pay by direct debit or e-invoicing, within two months of becoming a member, you’ll receive three months membership for free. You can take either option by contacting your bank.

The most important is that you're a member of a A-kassa. As an employee in finance or fintech you should join Finans- och försäkringsbranschens a-kassa. When you switch A-kassa ensure that there is an unbroken time chain between the memberships. 

Withdrawal from a-kassan must be made in writing.

Finansförbundet has appointed three safety representatives who, together with the already appointed representatives of Klarna, will work for a better working environment. 

  • Jon Arthur Holte 
  • Justyna Kaletka 
  • Svante Hansson

If you are unsure which representative represents you and your unit, ask your manager or HR.

Member Services

If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to contact Member Services.

08-614 03 00

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