About Finansförbundet

Finansförbundet is Sweden's largest trade union for employees in the financial sector. Irrespective of your professional experience, position or level of education, we are the right choice for you.

We’ve got your back in the good times and the bad. As a member of Finansförbundet, you can maintain control of your career and develop throughout your working life. 

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Membership of Finansförbundet keeps you safe. We offer protection in case of unemployment, although it's also important to join a-kassan, the Swedish unemployment insurance fund. 

Five reasons to join Finansförbundet

Finansförbundet is a trade union with presence at many workplaces. We welcome anyone working in the financial sector and we have unique insight and understanding of the industry as a whole. Membership means there is always someone you can turn to for help. 

By making collective agreements, we can represent the interests of both individuals and our membership as a whole. Thanks to our negotiating experience, we make collective agreements that increase the annual income of our members by tens of thousands of kronors. 

The more members we are, the greater our strength in negotiations with employers. 

As a member, you can receive advice and help in negotiations, as well as councelling and support from our specialists with employment legislation. Among our many services, we offer help with SwedSec license cases. Please note that most of our services require a minimum of three-month membership. 

As a member, you get access to specific salary information for a wide range of jobs within the financial sector. We offer annually-updated statistics that are only available to Finansförbundet members.

Our income insurance offers protection if you become unemployed and is suitable for members whose earnings exceed the ceiling set by a-kassan, the Swedish unemployment insurance fund. For salaries up to SEK 80,000 per month, our insurance offers 80 percent of your earnings for a period of 120 working days. We also offer additional insurance for salaries up to SEK 120,000. 

Membership of Finansförbundet offers a range of other benefits, including the possibility to take out insurance policies at preferential rates. 

Join Finansförbundet now

Your monthly income before tax  Your membership fee – kronor/month
0-19 000 kronor 126
19 001-33 000 kronor 255
33 001- 295

Don't forget to join a-kassan

By becoming a member of Finansförbundet, you will not automatically join A-kassan, the Swedish unemployment insurance fund, and must apply for this separately. 

Become a member of FF A-kassa

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Join Finansförbundet

  • Personal service and industry knowledge
  • Strong collective agre­e­ments
  • Industry-specific salary statistics
  • Income insurance
  • Politically unaffiliated