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International in Swedish Finance?

Are you an international employee working within Finance in Sweden? Do you have any questions regarding the Swedish parts model and how it works? – Welcome to Finansförbundets webinar!

The Swedish parts model is unique and sometimes hard as an international to understand. But at your workplace there is a collective agreement protecting our rights.

The webinar covers the basics you need to know:

  • Collective agreements
  • Unemployment insurance fund (in Swedish “arbetslöshetskassa” or “a-kassa”)
  • The parts model

You will learn how you can come in contact with your union representative and why the "a-kassa" is important, among other things.

Participants: Marie Brundin, Nordea and member of the Finansförbundet board, Anna Kjellander, moderator and head of press, Dina Moura, international at Nordea.

Finansförbundet is Sweden's largest trade union for employees in the financial sector. Irrespective of your professional experience, position or level of education, we are the right choice for you.
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