Welcome as our newly-elected representative

Your assignment is at the core of what we do. As a representative of our members, you can make a real difference in the workplace. At the same time, you have the chance to learn about labor relations, make contacts and work on issues close to your heart.

How the work is organized and who does what is decided by our union representatives. There is usually one liaison officer per office or department that is led and coordinated by a local union committee.

Getting started

1. Register your position

Inform your employer that you’ve become a union representative. In accordance with Swedish union legislation, you can carry out union business during your working hours.

If you have a local union committee, its president must register you with our central office. If not, register directly with us.

 2. Take part in our training

Through introductions and courses, you will learn the skills you need to carry out your role. The basic training course introduces you to the work our representatives carry out.

Currently, our basic training is only conducted in Swedish. But contact us to see what can be done.

3. Inform your colleagues

Tell your co-workers that you’ve become a union representative. Encourage them to contact you and ask them what expectations they have.

4. Inform your boss

You have the right to carry out your union duties during paid working hours. Plan how much time you’ll need and discuss with your boss reducing your other duties.

Get your local union committee or Member Services to help you.

5. Get in touch with other elected officials

Get in touch with your local union committee and other representatives to find out which tasks you’re expected to carry out and what powers you have. If you are also elected as a work environment representative, you will support all employees in these matters.

6. Make Finansförbundet and your work visible

Remember, you have an important role in serving our members and facilitating communication in the workplace.

Join Finansförbundet

  • Personal service and industry knowledge
  • Strong collective agre­e­ments
  • Industry-specific salary statistics
  • Income insurance
  • Politically unaffiliated