Member of Finansförbundet

Finansförbundet is the largest trade union of the financial sector in Sweden. Regardless of professional experience, position and level of education Finansförbundet is the natural choice for professionals in the industry.

With collective bargaining we have also secured excellent benefits on pension plans, health insurance and a range of other services.

Should you be laid off or unemployed, your membership includes income protection; covering a monthly income up to 80 000 kronor.

We also provide professional advice and support for members on an individual level. We train our staff in employment law, health and safety and how to represent employees in disciplinary processes, so that whenever there is a problem; we have your back.

As a member of Finansförbundet you get

  • access to industry-specific salary statistics
  • income protection insurance policy (you need to be a member of a-kassan to use the insurance)
  • someone to ask, get advice and support from
  • possibility to influence the working environment and conditions at your workplace

Finansförbundet also offers you a range of member benefits, including various discounts and a number of insurance options.

Become a member

Membership fee

When joining Finansförbundet the fee for the first three months is wavied, thereafter your fee is based on your income. In order to benefit from crucial services such as income protection insurance and job seeker allowance, you need to register with (The Unemployment Insurance Fund). We urge you to register as soon as possible.



Monthly fee from January 1st 2019

0 - 19 000


19 001 - 25 000


25 001 - 


Fee to the unemployment insurance fund is not included.

  • Transition from student to professional membership: free of charge for the first three months. Then your fee is discounted to 100 kronor per month, for the remaining nine months of your first working year

  • Retired members: 315 kronor a year

  • Student members (not yet working): free of charge (a-kassan is not included.

For any queries please contact Finansförbundet member register at 08-614 03 00 or use the web form 
Contact a-kassan (the unemployment insurance fund) at
08-791 17 50, ffakassan.