Income protection insurance policy

Unemployment is a huge blow for your personal income. However, joining Finansförbundet automatically gives you access to income protection insurance. For middle and high income earners this makes all the difference, as it covers a monthly salary of up to 80 000 kronor for a maximum of 120 working days.

With income protection you can receive 80 percent of your actual salary, instead of 80 percent of just 25 025 kronor; which is standard compensation from a-kassan. 

In order to receive this income protection insurance policy you need to:   

  • have been a current member of Finansförbundet for at least the last 12 months*  
  • be entitled to compensation from a-kassan (The Unemployment Insurance Fund).

* If you are covered by a similar income protection insurance policy from another organisation you may be credited for your qualifying period.  

You have the option to prolong the compensation period by another 180 days, giving you a total of 300 days. For high income earners we offer an extra income protection policy covering a salary of up to 120 000 kronor.

Find more information and specific terms on Bliwa Skadeförsäkring or 08-696 22 60.


Trygghetsfonden is another safety net should you become unemployed. You can receive financial support when you start your own business, or if you start studying.

Trygghetsfonden, Finance employees’ safety fund, is a mutual fund between Finansförbundet and BAO - the Employers of the Financial Sector - and covers both members and non-members of Finansförbundet.

The fund can also compensate income loss for a monthly salary up to 32 500 kronor (for the first 100 days).  

The eligibility criteria to apply at Trygghetsfonden is five consecutive years of employment in a company that is a member of BAO.

 Find out more about Trygghetsfonden.

Insurance for student members 

If you are a student there is a specific student deal:  

  • accident insurance and event insurance of 30 kronor per policy. As a new student member of Finansförbundet the fee for your first three months is waived. If you do not wish to
    continue having the insurance the policy will automatically be terminated at the end of this free trial period. 
  • up to 50 percent discount on home insurance, with the first six months for 200 SEK.  

Read more about student member insurance 

Insurance for senior members of Finansförbundet 

It is possible to obtain accident insurance at a favourable rate. If you maintain a senior membership with Finansförbundet the insurance is valid for life.  

For any queries please contact Trygg Hansa at +46 771-111 653.