Income protection insurance policy and Finance employees’ safety fund (Trygghetsfonden)

As a member of Finansförbundet you are entitled to income protection insurance policy covering salary as high as 80 000 SEK per month, in case you get out of employment. Time of compensation is equivalent to 120 working days.

In order to receive the income protection insurance policy you need to:   

  • Be and have been a member of Finansförbundet for the last 12 months*.  
  • Be entitled to compensation from the unemployment fund (a-kassan).  

* In case you are covered by a similar income protection insurance policy by another organization you might be credited to your qualifying period.  

 The income protection insurance policy follows the decision taken by the unemployment fund (a-kassan). If the unemployment fund decides on so-called shut down days, you are not entitled to any compensation for those days from the income protection insurance policy.  

The time you are on parental leave is also included in the qualification period.  

If you wish there is a possibility to an additional insurance  

  • Covering salary up to 100 000 SEK 
  • A prolonged time of compensation of up to 180 days extra.  

Find more information and specific terms on Bliwa Skadeförsäkring AB (information only in Swedish) Or contact Bliwa at 08-696 22 60 or


Finance employees’ safety fund (Trygghetsfonden) 

The Finance employees safety fund (Trygghetsfonden) is a mutual fund between Finansförbundet and BAO (The Employers of the Financial Sector). Most members of Finansförbundet are covered by the Finance employees safety fund (Trygghetsfonden). If you are employed at a company that have signed the collective agreement between BAO and Finansförbundet you are covered.   

The fund compensates income loss in case of involuntarily unemployment, in addition of the highest tax rate of the unemployment fund for salary up to 32 500 SEK a month, (the first 100 days).  

These conditions apply to those who have been employed at least five years coherent in a company that are a member of BAO (The Employers of the Financial Sector).  

There is also a possibility to apply for a financial contribution if you wish to study and/or start your own company. Ask your HR department to find out if you are entitled to the Finance employees safety fund (Trygghetsfonden).  

Find out more about Trygghetsfonden. (Information only provided in Swedish). 

Insurance for student members 

If you are a student there is a specific student deal  

  • Accident insurance and event insurance 30 SEK per insurance. As a new student member of Finansförbundet your first three months are without fee. If you do not wish to continue having the insurance they will automatically be terminated by the end of the free trial period. 
  • Up to 50 percent discount on the home insurance, first six months for 200 SEK.  

Read more about student member insurance 


Insurance for senior members of Finansförbundet 

There is a possibility to sign an accident insurance at a favorable rate. If you will maintain a senior member of Finansförbundet the insurance will be valid throughout life.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the offers from Trygg Hansa or if you want to have a better over view of your current insurance coverage you could contact Trygg Hansa at the special number for Finansförbundet members: +46 771-111 653. Open all days 7 am to 9 pm.